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Simon says kiss him! You watched as the most amazing guy kissed his girlfriend...the hottest girl you ever saw (this of course coming from a straight girl.) You blinked away the pain you felt, and looked away until the kiss ended. The party was over, and so was the weekend. You looked over at your friend Diane, and said, "Ugh school tomorrow...I so dont wanna go." She giggled and said, "Ugh yeah I hear ya there." You and her walked home in the snow as it fell lightly from the sky. You stopped on your front porch and just looked into the sky and sighed, then said, "It sure is beautiful..." You were stopped by someone else's voice, "Yeah it is you." You turned around and blinked the snow from your eyelashes, as you stared into the most gorgeous eyes. You'd know those eyes by heart by now...You smiled and said, "Hey Simon...what are you doing here?" He smiled that all too breathtaking smile and said, "I saw you walking home, thought I'd finally get the chance to talk to you. You made it easier on me, by bringing up an easy topic. I love the snow, the sky, the stars." You shot a smile, then felt heartbreak and looked down remembering the party, the girl...the kiss. He noticed your frown and then said, "I'm sorry. I should go now...maybe we'll talk later!" You said goodbye, then walked in your house and told your friend everything. A few months had passed, and not once did he talk to you, make eye contact with you, or even acknowledge you! That broke your heart worse then when he kissed that girl. One day you were running a little late and walked into school late. You were walking to your locker trying to beat first bell, and you would have, if it werent for Simon! You just grabbed out your books, and closed your locker, and ran right into Simon! Your books fell to the ground, his girlfriend laughed, he were completely frustrated and humiliated. They walked off, but you noticed him turn his head and glance back at you picking up your books. You ran to your class, right as the bell rang, and according to your were late! He never liked you, so you figured that would happen sooner or later. You slumped down in your chair, and waited for the morning announcements to begin. You noticed Simons gf walk into your classroom to give some announcement. She cleared her throat, stood at the podeum and said, "Its that time of year...we need 4 girls names and 4 boys names to represent our Prom royalty court! If you have a name for any student in grades 11th or 12th, please shout them out. I'll take the first 4 names of each gender before moving on to a different class. Take some time to think, but when your ready start naming people off!" You heard complete silence for a moment and then heard some girls snicker, then say, "Simon!" She smiled and wrote his name down happily. A few more names were announced, then Simon walked into class and said, "I want to nominate the last girl." His girlfriend smiled, thinking he would call her name, but he pointed your way, smiled, and then said, "______, I nominate you! You'd make a great queen." You blushed really bad, then hid your face. He looked over his shoulder and his gf was glaring you down, and angrily added your name to the list. By the end of the day, they had all the names totaled up, and before the final bell rang, they announced the 4 boys and 4 girls who would represent the Prom royalty court...

1. Simon Mitchel
2. Bobby Dean
3. Aiden Fletcher
4. Mikey Smith
(im bad at making names lol)

1. Tiffany Hartlet
2. Monica Jackson
3. Bella James
4. ____ ______ (you)

Your face became even more red as they announced your name! Everyone cheered when done, then left their classrooms as the final bell rang! You sat there, red faced, teary eyed, shocked! Finally your teacher walked by you and asked if you were shook your head and slowly stood up, and walked to your locker. There by your locker stood Simons gf. She glared you down and then angrily said, "Did you hear the announcement?" You shook your head, and then she continued, "You want to know who's going to win?" You shrugged your shoulders, not really caring, but of course she went on..."Me! Thats who's going to win! Me, Tiffany Hartlet...and my King Simon Mitchel. Not you. How your name even came up, I am not sure why. But stay out of my way. Got that?" You once again shrugged your shoulder then said, "Let the battle of the drama queens begin." She huffed in your face, then stormed off. You opened your locker up, got everything you needed out, grabbed your keys, put on your hoodie, then shut your locker, and again ran into Simon! You fell to the floor this time, landing on your wrist. You cried out in pain, as you held your wrist, "Oww! What are you doing there? This is the second time!" He hurried up and bent down and grabbed your wrist, acting as if he were a doctor and knew the damage. You hurried up and pulled your wrist from his hands, then stood up and said, "Why did you give her my name? Are you trying to kill me here? She doesnt like me, and now probably wants to pumble me to the ground." He smiled and said, "Yea that she probably does, but I cant stand to see someone win who doesnt deserve to wear the crown. Your the only girl I wanted to see up there. That is why my dear friend I gave her your name."

"Ugh mom I seriously dont know what to do! I cant find a single thing worth buying that truely fits my body!" Your mom laughed a little, then pulled out this gorgeous blue princess-like dress. It was strapless, baby blue, had tiny diamonds that shimmered in the light, it looked as if you were a princess. To go with that dress, you bought some beautiful silver heels, the perfect necklace, and shiny earings. It was all worth the money, and now you felt even more like a queen. You were ready for prom exactly one week away. You and some friends rented a white, hummer, stretch limo for the whole night, and planned on going glow bowling after prom together. You were just exceited to be with friends, you really didnt care if you won prom queen or not. It was the basketball game, and you were nervous as they were about to determine prom King. Everyone cheered on Simon as he entered, wearing his basketball jersey, and sweating. Everyone cheered and chanted until the teacher held the microphone to her lips and said, "This years Prom King is...Simon Mitchel!" The crowd went wild, and his gf clapped and cheered him on. Just after everyone exited the floor, the girls were lined up ready for some pictures, the queen doesnt get announced until Prom. Your mom ran over to you snapping pictures like crazy. Simon was about to talk to you before Tiffany walked in front of you. You didnt think she knew Simon was right behind her because she started going off on you for no reason! She snapped at you, and said, "Ya see, he won King, and tomorrow I win Queen. Enough of this emo shit. Did you really feel you had a chance? Ha! As if..." Simon laughed and said,, "I dont know Tiffany, did you ever think you had a chance?" She gasped and turned around! He gave her a weird look and shook his head, then he said, "I cant tell you how many times I have told you to drop this bitch act. You used to be a sweet heart, now I cant stand you. Enough is enough, I may be King, but I wont let you become Queen. She deserves this more then any of those other you! Its over, find a new date for prom cause I'm done with you." She screamed and ran into the bathroom crying. You stood there and said, "Did I really ever have a chance? How did all this happen? I used to be a no I'm a the possible Prom Queen?" He walked slowly to you and said, "Its easy...I saw the true you, and to me you were a somebody. You were a cute, simple, easy to understand girl who deserved this chance to prove to yourself and to everyone around here that you can do anything you want to and you dont have to be fake to get there." You smiled, and cried a little, and then he said, "Just one more thing before I get back to the game...would you be my date to prom?" You smiled and said "yes, of course Simon." He smiled, and kissed your cheek as he hurried back to his team.

You got to your limo with Simon right on time. All your friends smiled, and laughed together for what could be your last night together. He bought you the cutest corsage for your wrist, as you did for his tux. Everything seemed to be going perfect...until prom. You got there, you danced for a while, and then before the Queen was revealed, you were going to the bathroom to freshen up a little. All that dancing made you sweat a little! You got to the bathroom, but as you passed the doors, you glanced outside to see Tiffany and the other nominees talking smack about you! You've always defended yourself, but this time you didnt feel like it was worth your time. You walked into the bathroom, and then heard them call for the girls to come on stage. You quickly got to the stage waiting for the Queen to be revealed. Your teacher said a few words about the girls and then said, "And your 2010(almost this year lol) Prom Queen is...____ _____!" The crowd went wild, and then Tiffany stepped on the back of your dress! Everyone saw "you" in only your underwear! You paniced and hid yourself, and Simon jumped up on stage, and handed you his over coat, wrapped it around you, then walked you backstage. The teacher went back stage, she handed you your crown, sash, and flowers, then Simon walked you out to the limo so you could change into your extra clothes you picked out for bowling. He closed the door as you got dressed quickly. When you walked out of the limo, tears stained to your face from crying, he smiled and said, "Even in ripped skinny jeans, band tshirts, and plain colored hoodies and converse, you still look amazing." You tried to smile, but all you could do was cry. You looked up at him and said, "I cant go back in there. She humiliated me!" He held you close and said, "Its ok, we can just hang out in the limo and talk." He helped you back into the limo, and you two laid in a seat, you on his chest, and you both talked about everything, and nothing. A few moments later, he told you something cute that made you smile and he said, "Thats it girl, keep that pretty smile on those perfect lips." You looked down, blushing a little, and then you felt him tilt up your chin and he pulled you in for the perfect kiss. You both smiled, and then you said, "I think I'm ready to go back now...but just dont leave me!" He hugged you close and said, "Never...but I need to ask you something when we get back in there ok?" You nodded, then he opened the door for you and helped you out. You both walked back in the dance, and the song Guardian Angel by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus was playing. You both held each other, letting the song move your bodies back and forth. Then you looked in his eyes and said, "I believe you had something to tell me." He smiled and said, "Yeah I do...will you be my girl?" You smiled and kissed him gently. He gave you a look and said, "Thats the best answer...if its a yes!" You laughed and said, "Yes its a yes!" you both smiled, then you laid your head on his shoulder finishing out the rest of the dance.

"OMG! I'm getting married!!" You screamed as you put on your beautiful white wedding dress gettin ready for your big day with Simon! Your friends helped you into your dress, fixed your hair a little better, put on your jewlery, did your make up, and then they got dressed themselves. 2 hours later, you were all lined up gettin ready to walk down the aisle with your daddy on your arm. Just before you entered through the door, you said, "Thank you daddy. I love you!" He smiled, tears falling down his cheeks and said, "Anything for my babygirl. I love you too." You wanted to tear up but you didnt want to ruin your make up before Simon had the chance to see you. Finally the honeymoon in Hawaii...also where you and him concieved your first daughter, Aubrielle Marie was perfect...beyond perfect.
:D Emo Baby Daddy... Numbro Cinco (# 5)
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